Jessica Stellina Morrison: Bio, Wiki, Age, Life

Jessica Stellina Morrison: Bio, Wiki, Age, Life

Jessica Stellina Morrison is well-known for being the better half of Gennaro Sheffield D’Acampo, also known as Gino D’Acampo, a renowned television chef. Gino is a famous chef from the United Kingdom.

He is, however, an Italian-British chef and cookbook author best known for his television cooking tv show and cookbooks. Gino D’Acampo is known for his witty sense of humour and rustic, fresh Italian cuisine, which he frequently showcases on This Morning and his various cooking TV shows. Jessica is an American who rose to prominence following her marriage to Gino in the early 2000s.

Early Life, Parents and Siblings: Jessica Stellina Morrison

Jessica Stellina Morrison was born and brought up in Italy by her parents. Our attempts to know more about her family were unsuccessful because no such details are publicly available. As a result, Jessica’s parents’ identities remain unknown. It is also unknown if she has any siblings. Nonetheless, as soon as it is available, this segment will be modified.

Jessica Stellina Morrison: Physical Stats

Jessica is approximately 44 years old. She was born in the 1980s, while her husband, Gino D’ Acampo, was born on July 17, 1956, in Torre Del Greco, Italy. He is 46 years old as of 2022. She is quite tall and has a healthy weight. She seems of average height in her images. However, information about her actual height and other body measurements is currently unavailable to the public.

What exactly does Jessica Stellina do?

Jessica has assumed the role of homemaker following her wedding to Gino. Gino’s interview in multiple news outlets stated that Jessica takes care of the household and kids while Gino works outside the home, and that Jessica is a caring wife and a wonderful mother.

Here’s How Jessica Stellina Morrison met her future husband Gino D’Acampo

Gino D’Acampo was only 18 years old when he met his wife, Jessica Stellina Morrison, while working at Sylvester Stallone’s Mambo King in Marbella. Gino’s 1st love was Jessica, and they eventually became teenage sweethearts.

They were together for around one year before splitting up. Gino realised his true feelings for Jessica and that she was the only woman for him after their divorce.

Jessica Stellina Morrison
Famous Jessica Stellina Morrison

As a result, he relocated to the U.K. and resumed his relationship with Jessica in 1995.

Jessica Stellina Morrison: Marriage and children

Jessica and Gino married in 2002, when Gino was only 24 years old. Gino was sentenced to two years in prison for burning down the house of singer Paul Young in London in 1998, prior to his marriage to Jessica.

Jessica and Gino have been married for over 19 years and together for over 21 years.

Jessica Stellina Morrison and Gino are the parents of three children: Luciano D’Acampo, the eldest, Rocci D’Acampo, the middle child, and Mia D’Acampo, the youngest. The child’s birth dates have not yet been disclosed because both mom and dad Gino and Jessica have decided to keep their family life private, and they don’t seem to share many pictures on social media. As a result, posting their photos in the media becomes extremely rare.

Jessica Stellina Morrison
Class of Jessica Stellina Morrison

Because the children are still teenagers or younger, it is fair to presume that their education level is still middle school or lower, as little information is available about their education or schooling. The family is living joyfully in their home in the United Kingdom.

Net Worth and Social Media

Jessica Stellina Morrison currently resides in the United Kingdom with her spouse and kids. Her net worth is unknown because she is a homemaker.

Her husband, Gino D’Acampo, is a well-known television chef and media figure. His net worth is estimated to be about $2.3 million (USD), which he has amassed through his television shows. Similarly, his media presence contributes to his net worth. She does not use social media.


  • Gino D’Acampo’s first love, Jessica, whom he met when he was only 18 years old.
  • She does not use social media. On odd occasions, her husband Gino posts a photo of Jessica and the entire family on his social media site.
  • She was born in Italy but holds US citizenship.
  • Jessica is of mixed ethnicity.
  • When she married Gino in 2002, she became well-known in the media.
  • Jessica and Gino were total adolescent sweethearts when they began their long relationship in their early adolescence.
  • They split up after a year, but resolved, got back together, and started a family after marrying in 2002.
  • Jessica and Gino have been married for over 20 years.

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