Tom and Jerry Meme: Everything You Need To Know

Tom and Jerry Meme: Everything You Need To Know

The most popular cartoon of all time is Tom and Jerry. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created the Tom and Jerry animated franchise and series of comedy short films in 1940. It still has millions of fans who watch it. This is an ongoing show that focuses on Tom (a cat) and Jerry (a mouse) and their fighting rivalry and friendship. It is a comedy silent show that can still make you laugh. It has all types of comedies, but now we have compiled a list of some of the best memes from the Tom and Jerry show that will make you laugh. Don’t forget to look through our other meme collections as well.

While working for the MGM cartoon studio in the late 1930s, William Hanna and Joseph Barbara created Tom and Jerry. Hannah and Barbara chose a cat and mouse cartoon named “Puss Gets the Boot,” the first Tom and Jerry cartoon that premiered on February 10th, 1940. “Puss Gets the Boot” received an Oscar nomination, which prompted MGM animation studio head Fred Quimby to design and build more Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Tom and Jerry Meme

Tom and Jerry is a famous animated cartoon series that revolves around Tom and Jerry’s fight. The series depicts the comic battles of two lifetime foes, a house cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry). Tom employs cunning strategies, an energetic mindset, and intelligence to defeat Jerry, but fails because Jerry is equally cunning, lucky, and quick, and does not fall into Tom’s tricks. Anime supporters are going crazy to find out what Tom and Jerry’s memes are and are eager to learn all of them.

Top Tom and Jerry Memes

The Night Before Christmas

The scene in which Tom crosses his arms in refusal to kiss Jerry while holding mistletoe has become a social media meme.

Puss n’ Toots
The censored plot in which Tom tries to pretend to be Chinese became a popular meme known as Tom Ching Cheng Hanji.

Sufferin’ Cats!
The episode in which Tom sighs while playing dumb on Meathead Cat quickly became a meme.

Tom and Jerry Meme
Best of Tom and Jerry Meme

The Cat from the Zoo

Zoot Suit Cat, like Zoot Suit Daffy Duck, is a meme related with the anime and manga franchise Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, with Tom being referred to as One More Time and Daffy being referred to as Literally Me.

The Personal Bodyguard

This scene became a meme thanks to a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable parody starring Tom and Jerry, with Tom playing Kira Yoshikage, Jerry playing Koichi Hirose, and Spike Bulldog playing Jotaro Kujo.

Mouse Trouble

The scene in which Tom laughs loudly to attract Jerry’s attention is used to mock mostly stupid and useless arguments/articles/stuff.

The scene in which Tom fires a shotgun into Jerry’s mousehole and the gun bends forwards, pointing straight at Jerry’s head, is also a meme, most commonly used to describe a situation in which something backfires on the person or thing who initiated it.

Quiet Please!
The scene in which Tom reads Jerry’s letter “last will” and the response “One custard pie?! Allow me to have it! “is used to represent someone’s hopes and dreams being dashed, and in one video, the pie explodes (AKA SpongeBob Dying for Pie) and destroys the city.

Kitty Foiled
Backfiring moments are also represented by Tom’s expression while riding the toy train seconds before it crashes in the basement.

This meme is often used in a Harry Potter crossover in which Harry and Ron scream inside a car as Tom approaches them.

Tom and Jerry Meme
Classical Tom and Jerry Meme

Polka-Dot Puss
The episode in which Tom points his sword at a sick Jerry has also become an online meme.

Also, one of the many memes connected with the 2019 COVID-19 disease and its quarantine was the final scene in which both Tom and Jerry are quarantined by Mammy-Two-Shoes.

Heavenly Puss
Tom being punished by the Devil Dog is also a meme.

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