Ingo Pokemon: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Career

Ingo Pokemon: Bio, Age, Wiki, Life, Career

Ingo Pokemon, the Subway Boss, first showed up in Pokémon Black & White Version. He is the boss the player faces when attempting to complete the Battle Subway’s Single Battle line. He is the identical twin brother of Subway Boss Emmet.

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Ingo was forced back in history by the space-time schism to the Hisui region, where he suffered from severe loss of memory. After meeting the player, he became a Pearl Clan participant, the warden who observes over Sneasel, and ultimately gained back some of his memories.

Ingo Pokemon: Appearance

Black and White
Ingo Pokemon is immensely tall and skinny (ectomorph), with fair skin & silver hair in lightning bolt shapes that curve around either side of the face. Ingo seems young even after his silvery hair. He has silver irises and penetrating moderately catlike eyes. He is dressed in a tall black conductor’s cap & a long, high-collared black leather jacket with big silver buttons and cylindrical shape cuffs on the shoulder straps with silver trim on either edge and black & brown stripes in the centre.

His leather jacket has horizontal brown stripes & vertical silver stripes; when seen from all sides, the pattern depicts a railway track. He is dressed formally in a white dress shirt, a blue necktie, black dress pants, as well as black shoes. He covers his hands with white gloves.

Legends: Arceus: Ingo Pokemon

Ingo seems to have grown after spending a few years in Hisui, with a full beard, a much more lethargically serious expression, and darker eyes. His hat is scuffed, and his leather jacket is tattered with gaps. The Pearl Clan uniform has taken the place of his dress shirt.

Ingo Pokemon
Class of Ingo Pokemon

Without his hat, he reveals a receding hairline and thus a half-bald head.

Personality: Ingo Pokemon

Ingo is a strange and intelligent subway train conductor. He is Emmet’s elder twin brother, so he is quite serious and unflappable by nature. Ingo is shown with a resolute sign on his face, and he appears to be quite smart and calm, offering words of encouragement to the player when questioned in the Battle Subway.

He seems to have become more tattered and exhausted as a result of his serious memory problems, as well as even completely void of pleasure and glum, but he maintains his sincerity and stoicism.


Black and white

Ingo will keep challenging the player after 21 successive victories in Battle Subway. When battling the player, he has three Pokémon. He will confront the player again even after 48 successive battles, this time with better Pokémon.

In Multi-battle, both Ingo and Emmet will battle the player for 21 battles, followed by 48 fights.

Black 2 and White 2

Ingo Pokemon
Impact of Ingo Pokemon

He reprises his role from Black and White. However, he and Emmet will also be fighting the player’s partner.

Legends: Arceus

Ingo was isolated from Emmet and transferred to Hisui via the space-time schism for unexplained reasons, leading to severe memory problems and only an ambiguous memory of his Chandelure & brother. He afterward became a Pearl Clan member and Warden in charge of Sneasler. After meeting and fighting the player, he reclaims a few of his memories, reliving how people and Pokémon coexisted peacefully in his world. When a player requests it, he can be fought at the Practice Field.

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