Witch Aesthetic: Images, Looks, Ideas, Creative

Witch Aesthetic: Images, Looks, Ideas, Creative

Witch Aesthetic: Intro Witch Aesthetic

As kids or as adults, we have watched and continue to watch many different movies. Some of them are animated and light-hearted, while some are based on serious topics. These films can either be fictional or they can be adapted from a book or a person’s life and works. Based on movies which are animated and are meant for people of all ages, particularly children, the characters can be of a variety of types. A lot of these movies contain mythical characters like wizards, witches, enchanted forests, animals who can talk, insects who can transform into animals and much more. When we hear the word “witch”, our mind automatically thinks about an evil, ugly woman who does tricks to cause problems among humans and the earth. This is how witches have largely been portrayed, whereas when we hear the word “wizards, “which means nothing but male witch, we think about someone who has magical powers. Many centuries ago, mostly in the western world, many women were burnt alive by the power-enforcing Christian missionaries because they deemed those women as witches performing unholy acts. This is incredibly cruel practice and ironically, the ones who claimed to be true followers of God ended up performing it. In rural parts of India also, a lot of times the practice of ostracizing a woman from society with false claims of her being a witch is not unheard of.

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Witch Aesthetic: Info

One thing that must be noted is that people who perform witchcraft are not all bad. While some people gain knowledge to cause destruction, others use it goodwill. At the end of the day, it’s not that serious and people practice witchcraft more as a hobby now.

If you are fascinated by witchcraft, here are some witchy aesthetics:

  • A lot of times we see that witches live deep inside forests. These forests usually have a trail that follow up to the witch’s hut. You can find pictures like that on the internet a plenty. These pictures will make great wallpaper for your desktop computer or laptop, as they have very good resolution. Make sure to download a great quality picture to make your device look lifelike.
  • Another great way to experience a witchy aesthetic is by going for a movie marathon that features witches, wizards, and magical creatures. To go on a movie binge on topics like that, there is literally nothing better than the Harry Potter movies. However, you can also go for some more light-hearted movies like the Wizard of Oz. If you want something that will be like some of kind of blast from the past, The Wizards of Waverly Place is a great show to watch.
  • Dressing up as a witch for Halloween is a great idea. You could either give your own creative idea to your costume, or you could take inspiration from your favourite witch character of any book or movie. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series, you could dress up the iconic Hermione Granger.
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