Science Aesthetic: Ideas, Images, Fun, Life 

Science Aesthetic: Ideas, Images, Fun, Life 

Science Aesthetic: An Intro Science Aesthetic

Every day, there are news stories on science. It is inevitable, ranging from news about the NHS to concerns about fracking, climate change, scientific advancements, and the solar system. Science may benefit us by enhancing our way of life, our standard of living, and our ability to support others.

Here are a few fascinating scientific facts

We might think of the rainforest when we hear that the water produces 50% of the oxygen in the planet. Yet, did you know that photosynthesis carried out by plankton, seaweed, and other ocean-based organisms actually produces half of the world’s oxygen? Human stomach acids, which range from 0 to 14, can dissolve razor blades (the lower the ph level, the stronger the acid). The average human stomach is ranked 1.0 to 2.0, which denotes that it is exceptionally robust.Animals navigate themselves using the Earth’s magnetic field. The u.s. Geological Survey states that evidence “suggests that certain living things (including sea turtles) have the capacity to detect the earth ‘s magnetic field as well as utilize this sense for navigation. Bananas Contain Radiation Have you ever considered the possibility that eating bananas could act as a natural radiation source? Most likely, you didn’t. But it is true. They contain a lot of potassium, some of which is radioactive. You don’t have to give up your delicious banana smoothie, though, because there is very little radiation in it. A laser can get caught in water When you direct a laser beam at a stream of moving water, a remarkable phenomenon known as “total internal reflection” takes place. PBS Learning Media published a video in which a laser is placed on one side of a transparent tank of water to illustrate this phenomenon. The heavier water particles slow down the light as it passes through them, effectively “trapping” the laser beam in the water.


Around one million pounds can be found in a cloud.

Your childhood fantasies of floating on a weightless cloud might be dashed by the following scientific truth: According to the USGS, a typical cumulus cloud can weigh up to a million pounds. That weighs nearly the same as the largest jet in the world when it is fully loaded with both cargo and passengers. Life abounds in the soil. One spoonful of soil contains more bacteria than there are people on the planet. The highest concentration of biomass on Earth is found in the billions of species of bacteria, algae, tiny insects, earthworms, bugs, ants, mite, fungus, and other organisms.

Rats who are tickled chuckle.

We underestimate how dynamic these creatures are. Rats can “laugh” when they are tickled. Rats respond well to tickling, as shown in a National Geographic video, and will even chase after the researcher’s hand in a comical manner. ce forms more quickly in hot water than in cold. Although it may seem illogical, this phenomenon is known as the Mpemba effect. The reason for this, according to scientists, is that hot water particles have a particular disposition that makes them more prone to freezing.

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