Will Smith Meme: Images, Fun, Love, Memories

Will Smith Meme: Images, Fun, Love, Memories

Will Smith Meme: Intro

Will Smith meme has once again become an internet meme after slapping stand-up comic Chris Rock at Sunday night’s 94th Academy Awards. Rock made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who has alopecia when presenting the prize for best documentary feature, joking that due to her shaved head, she might appear in “GI Jane 2.” Then Smith entered the stage and slapped Rock in the face. Smith expressed regret to the Academy during his  speech for best actor for the disturbance. The incident was the greatest story of the evening, and social media erupted with commentary. In light of the slap and the actor’s marriage to his wife, which gained a lot of attention on social media in 2020 when it was found she had a relationship with another guy while they were married, old memes about the 53-year-old actor have returned on Twitter. Will Smith Meme: Info Smith has been the subject of intense public scrutiny on the ups and downs of the couple’s relationship, just like many other celebrities, such as Kanye West, who turned into a meme during his breakup from Kim Kardashian. Here is how Smith’s earlier memes and the present day are interacting. The “entanglement” meme, which features Smith, has been used to talk about his marriage and the Oscars. In a 2020 photo, Smith appears to be crying as she and Jada discuss her relationship with another man. This image has become a meme that makes people wonder why Smith was so upset by Rock’s joke.

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Rapper August Alsina claimed to have had a relationship with Jada in 2015. In a subsequent episode of her talk programme, “Red Table Talk,” which aired in July 2020, Jada invited her husband to speak about the subject. As a result of Smith’s use of the term “entanglement” in the episode to describe her relationship with Alsina, which the two claimed happened with Smith’s knowledge, the word quickly gained popularity on Twitter. Many made generic jokes about sadness or rejection using the screenshot of Smith looking like she was crying in the episode. Smith said in a YouTube video that he wasn’t crying in the clip but rather that his eyes were watering from dehydration in July 2020. There are fresh memes about the slap beside an old one of Smith and Jada at a red carpet event. The “Tadá!” meme was based on a picture of Smith and Jada from the 2007 Screen Actors Guild Awards . The photo of Smith flaunting his wife with his arms extended has evolved into a meme template that users apply next to a picture of a subject they want to attract attention to. The image has been altered next to screenshots of the scene in which Smith smacked Rock in an attempt to draw attention to and make fun of it. The most recent Smith memes are uncensored images taken the moment the actor hit Rock. Others are making funny edits of Smith playing fruit ninja or capturing Pokemon utilising the image of Smith swinging his arm to strike Rock. Another common meme format has modified Rock’s face with the statement “Me trying to enjoy the weekend” and Smith, who is pounding Rock, with the word “Monday.”

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