White and Blue Nails: Intro, Nails, Creative, Ideas

White and Blue Nails: Intro, Nails, Creative, Ideas

White and Blue Nails: Introduction

Acrylic nails are extremely popular. They come in almost a million different designs and each design is perfectly unique in its own way. While it has been in the fashion industry for several years now, these past couple of years has seen its most viral growth among the masses.

White and Blue Nails: More Info

White and Blue colours make for one of the softest colour combinations of all time. These two shades go so well with each other, and if you like this colour combo, then you really should try getting yourself a set of blue and white Acrylics.

This set will help you find the perfect design for yourself:

  • This minimalistic design is perfect for you if you want something casual and not too over-the-top. Designs like these are simple enough for you to achieve from the comfort of your home also. All you need is a thin nail brush, good quality nail paints and a glossy top coat to seal the deal.
  • Another minimalistic design, you can say that this was inspired by your favourite lava lamp. This design is simple yet adorable, and can be easily done at home without too much hassle.
White and Blue Nails
Best of White and Blue Nails
  • This beautiful “shade card” effect is just so gorgeous. Despite not having any excess design, the matte finish and the ascending shade range give this whole set an absolutely gorgeous look.
  • If you are a fan of the Frozen movie franchise, this set of Acrylics is the perfect one for you to celebrate your favourite movie. Not just that, you can also get this design to celebrate the snow season.

With the help of this list, you will now surely find the best design for yourself.

Points to Remember

It is important to make sure that you go to a good nail salon and ask for a nail tech with a good hand and enough experience. Considering how some designs can be quite complicated, it is necessary that they know what they will be dealing with. To enhance your knowledge regarding this, be sure to check reviews of different nail salons and their prices on the internet, and if you know anyone who has gotten acrylics, tends to get acrylics on a regular basis or somebody who actually works as a nail tech, ask them about their experience and for tips they could share.

Other things that you must take into account before you get acrylics, especially the ones that are decorative, is that they need good amount of maintainance, regular touch-ups and most definitely, may not always be the cheapest. They are like an investment, so definitely be careful of the risks. Regularly getting acrylics could put you in the risk of damaged bed and wounded cuticles, so be sure to use a good quality hand cream or cuticle oil to moisturise your nails.

In case you are not sure about getting permanent acrylics, you can also get “stick on” nails. Lots of online and some offline stores sell these kinds of nails in a variety of designs and finishes. They are an easier, more economical way of wearing multiple kinds of nails at a short period of time without too much effort. In that case also, be sure to remove your sticky nails after you are done wearing them, and clean your nail bed with soap and water. Also, do not use any other glue other than nail glue for that matter.

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