Virgo Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Virgo Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Images

Virgo Nails: Introduction

Virgo is an astrological sign which comes sixth in sequence. The Virgos are born between 23rd day of August to 22nd of September. Individuals born between this period are generally called Virgo’s or even Virgoans. The symbol of this astrological sign is a maiden, inspired by Astrae – the daughter of Eos and Astraeus. It is one of the three earth signs. Virgos are generally characterized as critical, quiet, analytical, conscientious and logical. The sign ruler for a Virgo is Mercury. The Virgoans are Known to be perfectionist at heart and are not afraid to improve skills through consistent and diligent practice. Since, now we have discussed so many facts about the astrological sign Virgo is, it’s time to take a look at what are Virgo nails?

Virgo Nails: The inspiration

The Virgo Nails enthusiast and technicians can find inspiration in different things. Their muses can be the sky, animals, abstract art, line, strokes, birds, objects, colours and even astrological symbols. The nail artists study the basic traits and characteristics of the symbols and try to captivate the spirit of those in their art on the nails. Many artists have harnessed their imagination incorporating appropriate designs, associated colours, patterns and astrological symbols in their art. These art forms are result of creative, research and meticulous efforts while designing. 

Virgo Nails
Best of Virgo Nails

This picture is a perfect example portraying how each nail art inspired from a different symbol is so different in terms of concepts, colour themes and designs. Some signs may be very bright and ornamental while other signs could be subtle and classy. Some signs could be subject to shine and glamour while others depict serenity and smoothness Ik texture and in other visual aspects. It does indeed show the art of Virgo aesthetic.

Info To Remember

Virgo nails generally are in the green themed bases and elements. The symbol of Virgo is somewhat similar to the English letter m in lower case with a wiggling tail like line also similar to the lower case letter p of the English alphabets. The symbol is often drawn on the nails to signify that these are Virgo inspired or Virgo indicating. Although the spirit colour for a Virgo might be green, there are other designs, colours and patterns followed too as per individuals interpretation and demands eventually.

The Virgo nails could have an entire green base while it may also be the case where the green is painted on the tile creating the French tips affect with the Virgo’s astrological symbol on the nail. After any design is applied on the nails, as a ritual there is always a top coat applied, it could be a gel top coat or a matte top coat depending on the kind of look one is opting.

Another simple yet beautiful nail design is the constellation inspired nail art. The nail is painted with a black base generally, but it could also be a blend of blue, purple, pink and all other colours those would impart a galaxy look and then the constellation of Virgo is drawn on the prepared base with white coloured stars. Nail artists could also use a glittery top coat on these nails.

Another fancy design for Virgo nails could be preparation of a metallic/ marble affect/ ombre/ glitter base and adding ornaments along with the persons date of birth on the nails. The nails due to the use of ornaments would look glamorous and assertively fancy.

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