Pleated Skirts: Ideas, Looks, Aesthetics, Pictures

Pleated Skirts: Ideas, Looks, Aesthetics, Pictures

Pleated skirts were first worn by the Egyptians around late 1990s. For the women that were not satisfied with skirts having no puff, pleated skirts came to existence. They are not like puff skirts, but like a mini version of them. These skirts not only add that volume to the skirt but also make anyone feel comfortable whilst walking in them. Pleat skirts are mistaken to be considered in the formal clothing category. However, they also serve the informal variety. These particular skirts are also classic and vintage.

Though popularized all through the 20s, these skirts lost their charm after two decades of their hype.

Black Pleated Skirts For Formalwear

As said, pleated skirts can also be worn to workspaces. They can be easily put together with a crisp white shirt with a collar. You can roll up the sleeves upto elbows for a stylish look. Match the outfit with polished black heels and a black handbag that is neither too big nor too small. Add a watch. It is a must when you are in your formal attire. Stud earrings can elevate the whole look and you are good to go with your dashing office wear!

Green Pleated Skirts With A Cardigan

Plaid skirts have been around and hyped up since the 2000s. Creating a look with a plaid skirt is not that difficult and in fact when put together can look absolutely effortless! Get a dark green plaid tennis skirt. For the top, one does not need to worry at all, as you can pair it with the utmost basic piece in your closet such as a white tank top. If it is ribbed, it is much better. Throw on a little light pink or beige cardigan. To highlight the whole outfit, add a few jewelry such as three to four mini necklaces and some white sneakers. This can be worn to dates, picnics and movies!

Metallic Pleated Skirts And Denim

Metallic skirts were all over the 70s. They were worn by every woman of the 70s at least once! They were that popular. Let us bring back that vibe again! Match a blue metallic pleated knee length skirt with a dark blue crop top or a blue body suit. Put on a denim jacket for that extra spice! A black slip bag looks amazing with this whole outfit. Do not forget to wear some black boots. A brown belt can be optional but when worn it does make a difference!

Pleated skirts
Class of Pleated skirts

This outfit is ideal for long drives, carnivals and even serves as an airport look!

Floral And Black

Floral clothing never fails to refresh the mood. Pair a floral pleated midi skirt with a black top of full sleeves. Match the handbag with the dominant color of the skirt. Wear high heels matching the top. A red lip looks great on floral prints. Add some shades as well for a chic look! This is such a classy outfit that it can be worn to pretty much any semi-formal events and gatherings!

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